Makwa Lake Provincial Park - Solitude in May

Mewasin Beach Campground - This campground defines solitude
Located 5 kms from the small hamlet of Loon Lake and 1 1/2 hours south of Meadow Lake Provincial Park, it is one of the 3 campgrounds located in Makwa Lake Provincial Park

Mewasin Beach Campground
Mewasin Beach Campground

This park is in the transition zone between Boreal Forest and Parkland with Prairie Marsh along with amazing views and in late May, offers complete relaxation and solitude

Earning Income on the Road in Canada

How do we plan on earning income?  That was a question we asked ourselves before embarking on the full time RV life, because we are not yet retired.

Earning Income on the Road
Earning Income on the Road

We both have a diverse background.  Ross with teaching outdoor workshops, transport driving, ranching and wildlife control.
Myself in marketing, administrative support, websites, E-Commerce development and photography.  We take it as it comes, and the beauty of living the mobile life is that we can change directions when needed.

Western Canadian Campground Reviews

Visit our Campground Reviews page.  It's a work in progress, with a sampling of some of western Canada's camping spots.

Hidden Lake, British Columbia

Hidden Lake, British Columbia

We will add to the reviews over time, as we travel along.  You will find, Hidden Lake, Dee Lake, Apple Beach, Quilchena, Bear Lake, Westbay Marine, Eagle Wind, Country Roads and more...

Alan & Laura - Full Time RV in Canada

It was great to hear Alan & Laura's outlook on living in their RV full time over the past several years. Tune in and listen to their tips for staying warm in Canada's Winter Climate.

Sometimes you meet people along the way, and you just want to sit and learn.  We are new at this, so it's great meeting others who have been full timing for years

Richard & Sharon - Canadian Full Time RV Life

Tune in to this great video on our YouTube Channel and hear some of the joys of Full Time RV Life in Canada with Richard & Sharon.

They have been Full Time RVing for many years and enjoying every minute of it

Downsizing to an RV? This can Help

Are you moving into an RV?
We share some of our practical tips that will help you downsize your stuff.

What to do with your DVD's, Photos and other items
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Without Bound by Michael Tubbs